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Let me make it clear on how to expel Rocksmith delay that is audio

I am playing Rocksmith back at my PS3 and I have actually my video heading out via HDMI and my sound heading out using a fibre connection that is optic. There clearly was a delay that is small the full time we pluck a string and audio comes through my speakers.

I have look over in manual that switching to RCA cables for sound is most beneficial. Before we begin to search through my cellar to find the original PS3 connector, does this get rid of the sound wait entirely?

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The wait is brought on by two different facets. First, the tv does take time to process the signal that is digital. 2nd, the overall game does take time to identify the noise being played. The second wait is unavoidable, however the previous may be paid down by adjusting your tv settings. Furthermore, in the event that game understands just how bad the wait is, it will take that under consideration whenever determining whether or otherwise not you hit a note.