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How will you transfer your chats and data from WhatsApp to Telegram or Signal?

It has an ongoing debate on exporting your WhatsApp chats to Signal or Telegram. Here is the guide on the best way to take action.

Within the wake of alterations in the privacy policy for the messaging that is faceb k-owned, WhatsApp, you might think of transferring your Whatsapp chats to other messaging applications like Signal or Telegram. This new policy of WhatsApp will share your WhatsApp account registration, and phone number, deal data, service-related information, relationship information, smart phone information, IP address, and “other information identified… or obtained upon notice for your requirements or according to your consent,” with Faceb k.

Why would you move your WhatsApp chats to Signal?

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Signal gives protected texting, sound, and video calls with end-to-end encryption. You'll be able to build teams, but can’t relay messages to contacts that are multiple once. Signal has appended support for group calling.

  1. Signal supports messages that are self-destructing
  2. Signal allows relay vocals calls to its servers but the identity is not shared
  3. Signal uses a user-facing encryption that is back-end
  4. It makes use of Signal Protocol for implementing end-to-end encryption
  5. It encrypts your metadata at numerous levels of safety